Tue-Si Nguyen

Coach & Consultant for Young Professionals
Notion.so Specialist

Feeling more overwhelmed than organized?
Wishing for more guidance and clarity but aren’t sure where to begin?
I'm not a marketing expert and I'm not going to sell you a productBut what I will do is help you to organize your life & business using Notion

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How One simple system Grew A Young Professional's Income From 5 million VND To 40 Million VND A Month.After learning this system with me for only 2 months, she's since launched 3 businesses, 8x her income, and has a comprehensive system that tracks all important aspects of her life.But it wasn't always this way.Thao was stuck in an admin job that did not pay what she felt she deservedOverwhelmed by the responsibilities of her job and taking care of her family, she would often waste time scrolling on her phone instead of starting to make changesUntil, she met me & built a life operating systemThe Notion Life Operating System Helps You...- Take back control of your time and finances
- Achieve and smash any goal
- Track and Set Healthy Habits
So if you're a young professional that- Is Burnt out by your 9 to 5
- Has a business idea but don't know where to start
- Desires work-life balance

Learn more about how to build your own system in one consultation

Hello I am Tue-Si

How do you say my name?Like "2-eh-see" or just call me "Too-easy" or "Too-sexy"

I have lived many lives and have learned from many (...so many) mistakes and I have changed so much in my own little life.This whole personal branding/market yourself journey has been scary, sensitive, and uncomfortable (af) to say the least but I am learning every day...What I am sure of is that I am passionate about helping people reconcile their work & personal lives with comprehensive systems and adapted workflows.My past mistakes and experiences gave me deep knowledge in system thinking, problem-solving, emotional intelligence, and installing habits.These learnings and experiences have resulted in extraordinary results in myself and the people that I have coached and supported. Today, I am glad to say that I am living my best life and I am thriving in helping you live yours.Also, I co-host an amazing podcast: Creators in SaigonAnd I am part of an amazing & growing collective of Coaches and Consultants called New Perspective and we are all thriving in our chosen path using the Life OS!

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Did I already told you that I co-host an amazing podcast?
Creators in Saigon
I am also part of an amazing & growing collective of Coaches and Consultants and we are all using the Life OS!
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